Sunday, March 3, 2013

Make Your Own Easter Egg Wreath for just $7

I just couldn't wait until April to make an Easter wreath. Although I thought about making a St. Patty's Day wreath, I'm not Irish and it wouldn't be on my door for long. So I opted to make my Easter wreath early.

Once again my inspiration came from Pinterest. I'm addicted to that website and have decided that if I'm going to waste my time surfing the site for craft and sewing projects, I better actually make some of them. Here's what I saw that inspired me: My inspiration wreath was made using Washi tape. I had never heard of this stuff, nor did I want to buy it just for this one project and then never use it again. So I opted for what I had in my numerous craft bins.

My supplies:
  1. One pool noodle to use as the wreath form. Just cut it to size and adjoin it with packing tape to make a circle. - $1.00 (Can be found at Dollar Tree)
  2. Five packs 18 plastic eggs - $5.00 (Can be found at Deal$ or other Dollar Store)
  3. One spool of wired ribbon - $1.00 (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
  4. Left over curling ribbon found in my stash of craft items - $0 
TOTAL COST: $7.00!

I really liked the look of the Washi tape around the eggs so I decided to add a stripe of ribbon to each egg with my handy dandy glue gun, before attaching them to my pool noodle base. It took some time to get through all 5 packs of eggs, but it was worth it.

Then I started gluing away with my glue gun. Keep in mind that you want to use a pool noodle that is a coordinating color since you will see it behind the eggs. Or you can just cover it by wrapping ribbon around it. Mine was a red-ish pink, so I didn't have to cover it.

I covered just about ever visible spot, but only the front and sides since the back will be against my door.

Once I was done, I wrapped a single piece of wire around the top if the wreath and made a loop in the back to act as my hanger. Wrapped another piece of wire around the bottom to attach my bow.

Ta-da! All done and ready for the Easter Bunny!