About Me

I started my design career at the age of about 4 or 5 when I got my first Barbie. Since I couldn't sew, I used to make them dresses out of my old baby clothes, ribbon and rubber bands. I had my first drawing/painting lesson at the age of 9 and LOVED every minute of it, thank you Miss Vandette wherever you are.

I was inspired by my mother to make things with my hands. She used to sew our clothes and make us dolls. They were simply amazing! She was the one that taught me how to sew at a young age and paid for craft classes at the local craft store. Those lessons are what drove me to want to make theatrical costumes. I just loved figuring out how things could be made for the stage. I've turned my passion into what I hope, one day, will be a flourishing side business.

Check out the many wacky things I'm asked to make or alter. Some of my projects are pretty normal, but more often than not, they are pretty insane. I do my best to create something out of nothing. My sister swears that I can make paper out of tree bark, butI haven't quite gotten there yet. She will certainly be the first to get a card from me once I perfect that technique.