Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gone Batty Felt Mary Jane Baby Booties

My attempt as using a single layer of felt. I think I’ll go back to using a double layer. These aren’t as sturdy and don’t hold a shape as well.

The pattern I used was really simple. Two 9 1/2 x 5/8 strips of felt were used for the straps.  I folded them in half, sewed velcro on the ends and edged them with a contrasting color of embroidery thread (I used a blanket stitch). The other size of the velcro was sewn to the tops of the shoes. The back seam was sewn and then I top stitched the back to keep the edges flat. Then I just sewed on a contrasting color of felt for the sole. Again, a blanket stitch was used to finish off the edges.

I designed the bat applique myself. I applied it after the booties were complete so that made it a bit difficult. In order to keep the bat straight while I embroidered, I used Beacon’s Felt Glue. It starts to dry within an hour and is completely dry within 3-4 hours. Once the bats were applied with the glue I used a smaller blanket stitch (2 strands of embroidery floss) around the edges and two french knots for the eyes.

The finished bootie measures 4.5” long (about the size for a 6-9 month old).

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