Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas

What to get the man that has everything? Pajama pants? Yup, that's right. And not just any pajama pants. I decided to make manly gift baskets for my dad and for my husband.

First the husband. He loves Superman so I decided to take him to see Man of Steel for Father's Day. I purchased a huge plastic Popcorn tub from Bed Bath & Beyond, put the tickets to the movies in there, popcorn, candy, a huge can of Coke, a movie t-shirt I ordered from Allposters and my handmade pajama pants!

My father loves the Beatles, so I decided to put together a basket of some of his favorite things which include Beatles pajama pants, a shirt I made myself, his favorite snacks, men's beauty products and a free haircut at his barbershop.

Want to know how I made the shirt without silkscreening? Magic! Well, almost. It's called Ink Effects made by Deco Art. All you do is pain the ink effects on a piece of paper, let it dry and then iron it onto a shirt. Since I had a dark shirt, I had to use their base coat spray first, but it was pretty easy, even though my pain brush was way too big for the tiny areas I was painting.


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