Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chili cook-off voting jar

I'm participating in a chili cook-off next week with 15 others. In planning this, the group realized that we needed a voting mechanism.

So, I'm proposing that we use a voting jar placed next to each batch of chili. Each person voting will get a few dried beans. They can drop their beans into the jar of the chili(s) they like the best.

Check out my proposed voting jar. Just made a mock up to see if everyone likes it. Love that it can double as table decor.

I used burlap and twine to cover a mason jar. Drilled a hole in the cap, was careful to sand the edges of the hole and covered the cap with plaid paper. Made a tag from card stock and printed the number on my printed. Super easy project! If we decide to use these for the cook-off, I'll be looking forward to making 15 more.

On a side note, my cat is obsessed with the burlap I brought home. He immediately started attacking it over and over and it was hanging off my cutting table. After shooing him away several times, he decided it would be even more fun to take a running start. Once he got tired, he laid on the burlap and then started attacking it laying down. Can't wait to finish these so I can the burlap out of my house.

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