Saturday, February 9, 2013

Heart-tastic Valentine's Day Felt Wreath

I searched high and low for a Valentine's Day wreath that would look good on a dark red door. Um, most wreaths are red, so they were no good. So I gave up and bought a few sheets of $.29 felt from A.C. Moore (also scored some $.99 polkadot felt!), found some heart shaped cookie cutters hidden in my cabinets, grabbed a sharpie and went to work. I used the cookie cutters to create my heart patterns, altered slightly to suit my project. Took forever to cut these babies out of the felt. Then I needed a backing for my wreath. Found an empty diaper box and cut out a big circle. Hot glued my hearts on top. Added a hook to the back with a pipe cleaner and attached a ribbon tied in a bow. Glued an old magnet to the back of the bow so the bow would stick to the door and not ruin it.

The final product:

Here's pics of my patterns and pieces:

Putting it all together:

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